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Spiritual Mentoring

Are you ready to take the steps toward evolving into your full spiritual power?
Are you looking for a personal mentor to support you through that journey? 

WHAT WE DO: We offer a very unique form of mentoring to individuals who are ready to fully experience their life as spiritual beings having this human experience – and be the soul-centered leaders that our world needs. ​ Some people may have spiritual gifts and abilities that they are confused about, while others feel wounded from their religious upbringings but still want to live a spiritual life. They may not know where to go, what to do, or how to deal with their spiritual identity crisis. Whatever the case, we are ready to help you with anything. Most importantly, we will help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition. We will show you how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve you and no longer resonate with you on a deep level. We will show you how to use your inner self as a guide so that you can continue to evolve and grow spiritually in every area of your life.

WHY YOU MAY WANT A MENTOR: There are as many personal reasons for seeking spiritual mentoring as there are people seeking it. You may look for a spiritual mentor to get ongoing support on your path. You may feel lost, stuck or you find yourself at a significant turning point of your life and need someone to be on your team; you may need someone to serve as your spiritual growth partner. ​ You may feel isolated not knowing how to shift your life into a deeper spiritual direction. ​ You are a healer yourself, a community or spiritual leader looking for someone to walk with you for a while, in a sacred yet non-religious and non-denominational context. you want more than “talking”. You also want someone that has broad experience of mentoring leaders of all walks of life. I have the ability to mentor individuals ordained in different faiths; my role is not to substitute or duplicate what you receive in your own denomination but to provide that extra support that ensures that you are following your own personal calling, finding a different kind of guidance and gaining very concrete usable skills within your faith and community.​ ​ You are ready for more than incremental changes and long for deep, life-changing transformation. You want someone to guide you and hold you accountable so that you make sure that you are successful in making the changes that you want in your life. ​ You want someone that is not going to impose a set formula but meet you exactly where you are. The whole point of my mentoring other people is not to have them follow what I do, but to fully nurture their own dreams and creativity, their own unique paths and calling. This is what I cherish the most about our humanity. For over 30 years, I have supported individuals and communities around the world, across cultures and traditions.

HOW DOES MENTORING WORK? We highly recommend going through one spiritual awakening session with me before embarking on a spiritual mentoring journey. This serves as a very comprehensive intake as well. It gives us a deeper understanding of what is happening and helps support your transformation process at a very deep level. It also gives us a beginning point on your spiritual road map. Alternatively, we can schedule an introductory conversation to see what you wish to gain from a spiritual mentorship. ​ Each mentoring session is one hour long (by phone or Video-Call). Sessions occur on a bi-weekly basis. A commitment for a minimum of 8 consecutive sessions is required (see the package in pricing). ​ In between sessions, email access is available to provide distance support. You will also have video access to our Sunday temple service.

WHAT IS OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU AS A SPIRITUAL MENTOR? ​ We offer a safe and sacred container for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation. Our commitment to you is to be a loving spiritual companion, witness, and facilitator on your journey. We will always respect and support your independence and, even more important, your own inner power. We also always fully respect the specificity of each person’s path and beliefs.

  • Spiritual Mentorship

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    Find, enhance, & master your spiritual connection
    • Private video group sessions
    • Digital Downloads
    • Priority email communications
    • Access to private online/offline events
    • Group 60 min mentoring calls once a week
    • Spiritual temple access: x4 per month + email Q&A support
    • Special offers and access to savings on other services
    • Monthly lectures

Mentoring Questionnaire

Mentoring is a special partnership between us based on a commitment to the mentoring process, common goals/expectations of the partnership, and mutual trust and respect. Spiritual Mentoring is a “get and give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both partners. 

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Are you considering mentoring as a substitute for therapy or metnal health support?
All the information you submit on this intake will be kept confidential. Upon submitting this form, all answers in the boxes will be sent directly to a secure private email,  This information will only be shared with Karen Hale. You can reserve the right to not disclose your personal information. It is solely up to you which questions you choose to answer. However, all fields are required to have an answer. If you choose to not answer please type, "No Answer" in the field.  

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you very soon!

Mentee Schedule

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Temple access every Sunday (Via Video Sunday Mornings)

Spiritual Growth 

Weekly 60 min check-in call A 60 min group call each week with your mentor. Check-ins continue to build the relationship with your mentor and provide a forum to discuss your progress, answer questions, and provide more information about your spiritual growth.

Temple Access To Aid In Spiritual Growth It gives one a routine and discipline to follow. When you set aside a certain time and commitment to join the temple, give offerings in the form of mental focus and engage in enlightenment with others it not only strengthens your spirituality, but it shapes and structures your time management while reinforcing devotion to cultivating yourself spiritually and developing positive habits. Temple is a Charging Center Do you sometimes feel exhausted and overworked? Do you have to deal with stress and frustration, negative feedback and criticism, or with failure and disappointment? Do you feel that, no matter how hard you try, you are still too slow, too tired, and way behind in life? Do you feel emotionally drained? When we feel overwhelmed, we become less productive, irritable and disagreeable, and we make more mistakes. The feeling that nothing is working can put you in a space where you feel less spiritual and less powerful. Temple helps fight against that. Attending temple allows you to take a pause. You need the time and space to change your focus and energy. You need to take control, reconnect with your inner self and let the reset begin. Temple is great for leaving you feeling better and charged after service. 1. Learn From Auset Ancient teachings are powerful. During temple services, we will recount ancient teachings and the word of deity. Each story contains a message that the deities wish to pass down to us. You can learn a lot of life lessons just by going to temple. A few life lessons taught during service include themes such as: There is always a cure for worrying Love conquers all Treat your neighbor how you would like to be treated Ask for what you need Do not judge others Keep your word Forgive those who have wronged you Temple preachings apply to our everyday lives. Use them in your life to become a nicer, friendlier, and kinder human. 2. Reflect on Yourself Temple provides an opportunity for self-reflection. Listening to the deity can help you think about your daily life, your future, and how to become a better person. With such busy lives, it’s difficult to give your mind the time to reflect, but a few hours or so in temple can do just that. Self-reflection is essential for a healthy mind. It allows people to make sense of things, uncover breakthroughs, and increase self-awareness. Self-reflection leads to better self-acceptance, helping you become a better version of yourself. Self-reflection can also lead to a better work ethic. 3. Meet New People The temple is a social institution. It influences our lives and helps people feel like they are a part of their community. Gathering with others gives people a sense of belonging and improves self-esteem. Aside from the service, going to temple can lead to social events and activities. Going to temple is an excellent reason to become more involved in the community, and meet new people. 4. Find Comfort During Tough Times Don’t underestimate the power of faith. A strong relationship with spirit can guide you through tough times. It’s when times are tough when most people attend temple and invest time in restoring their faith. People use spirituality to explain the bad things in their lives. Faith strengthens a person’s spirit and helps them move on from trauma. Temple can help you come to terms with the negative aspects of your life. It can help you feel closer to deceased loved ones. Turning to faith in times of trouble allows your spirit to grow. 5. To Motivate Yourself An hour in temple can fuel your motivation. If you’re feeling sluggish or procrastinating, turn to spirit. Not only can that guide you through your troubles, but faith with action are powerful tools to see you through your tough times. Sunday service provides a fresh start for the week ahead. Spending time with spirit, learning teachings, and reflecting on your own life can motivate you to achieve more in the days ahead. You will also have access to "post-temple" email support

Practical Life Applications These principles taught in temple can and do reflect on our modern world. Truth – the ability to understand the difference between the real and the unreal. Of course, this is subject to the definition of reality. In this interpretation, reality is grounded in the belief of the Greatest Goodness, that which permeates all that exists, that all living creatures are sacred, and all are spiritual beings deserving of respect and honor. Justice – the state in which there is equity for all persons, for all creatures and for the planet on which all of these rely for life. Equity means that all have equal opportunity for basic needs to be met (food, shelter, water, safety, medical care, dignity, respect, community…), to live in peace, to fully and meaningfully participate and contribute to society, to offer gifts, talents, and or essence, toward the good of the whole. Harmony – the state of being in which different expressions of Mother Nature’s (God/Goddesses) Spirit, humans, animals, plants, etc., move together in ways that create alignment and beauty. Each expression must be authentic and express fully all that it is created to be. It is only through authenticity that harmony can truly be achieved, and occur naturally when each entity is being true to itself — to it’s spiritual reality. Balance – a state in which the internal and external environments of an individual, or group are aligned with the Goddess, Mother Nature, one another and the rest of creation. It is the experience of existing in the place where opposites meet, the creation point, where new life is generated and new possibilities come into being. Order – a state of being in which things are arranged in ways that are uncluttered, free of excess, clear. Reciprocity- is the reality that what comes around, goes around. There is a motion, rhythm of cause and effect, give and take, forward and backward to every aspect of creation. Propriety – means to be and to do what is right, according to the truth that all living creatures are spiritual beings and deserve to exist. This means to do no harm to another being, creature or aspect of the Goddess, beginning with self.

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Studying at Home

Everyday tools you can use

Strategically plan your approach to the week with access to a private weekly offering including a newsletter, metaphysical tools such as conjecturings, forecasts, and more.

Tackle the upcoming week with guidance and planning tools. Individuals receive a weekly Metaphysical Conjecturing to find the answers to the questions on their minds and for reassurance for the week ahead. Metaphysical Conjecturing can lend guidance when it comes time to make a decision and give comfort during stressful times. Many people find them comforting and personally meaningful by applying them to their particular situations throughout the week.

Develop your spiritual tool arsenal While seeking support on your spiritual journey, learn to utilize easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self as well as your outer self, so that you can live an inspired, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Beneficial integrated email mentoring

Email benefits Creative expression Emailing is writing – a form of expression that’s good for warming up creative muscles, as well as helping to clarify thoughts and feelings. And these benefits apply to everyone – not just writers. There is magic in writing things down, vague ideas become more tangible and concrete. When we write, we tap into a part of our hearts and minds that we don’t use when we speak. Convenience & flexibility Emailing is not limited by location or time zone. Our clients live all over our beautiful world, with the freedom to reach out at a time and place that fits their lifestyle. Email is also perfect for over-scheduled or busy people, who don’t want yet another fixed appointment to schedule and stick to, or who like to be free to choose the time of day that suits them best. This aspect can appeal to people who wouldn’t otherwise pursue mentoring. A written record We are able to create a paper trail of progress, breakthroughs and ahas! It’s even possible to compare the tone of early emails to later ones – to see a visible transformation. Plus, we both have a record of struggles overcome – which is great for instilling a success mindset. Courage We all have an email persona, that virtual person we are behind the safety of a screen. The screen can provide a shield that when used responsibly can allow you to receive information more effectively. For some of the more introverted types, this means you can open up a little more, and be a little braver than you may be in face-to-face situations or over the phone. A different type of thoughtfulness Email allows time for more considered answers. We can pose a question or spark an idea and then let it ‘percolate’. There are times when the first thought is the best, truest, most instinctive – and there’s no reason why these can’t be relayed via email. But there are also times when a more considered approach leads to better results. Journalling Benefits Written correspondence often leads to many of the same benefits as journalling. With written updates and responses, our clients are able to vent, explore and crystallize the jumble of thoughts and feelings that arise during the creative process. It helps them to open up, and can even help to soothe the nervous system. Expanded Access How often do the inevitable wobbles and life crises align perfectly with a mentoring appointment? With emailing, our clients can get all their concerns, questions, and frustrations out of their heads and into an email, as they occur. They don’t need to wait for the next mentoring appointment to express what they’re going through. And quite often, the mere act of describing the issue can help them see for themselves potential solutions and next steps to explore as they await a response. Again, the process of ‘venting’ – at the moment – can be incredibly soothing and therapeutic.

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Online Meditation, affirmation, and other spiritual building sessions

Join me during my "connected" life practices" Life can feel a little bit empty when we don’t have an understanding of why we are here and define our purpose. Understanding who we are and where we come from is central to feeling whole and complete. It also helps to make us feel secure, certain, and stable. When we identify with the spirit that fuels the very life we live, we can begin living on a radically new level of prosperity and wholeness. Living with the awareness of our inner spirit can be a simple change that can, in turn, dramatically enhance and enrich our lives. Various practices can be used to connect you with your higher self or spirit. People worldwide from various backgrounds and cultures may use forms of meditation, for example, to get in touch with the divine aspects that exist within themselves. When we silence our minds, we can discover our inner selves and gain some clarity on where we come from and what we are meant to do with the time that we have on earth. We can discover who we are on a very deep and profound level. The benefits of exercises like meditation go beyond the capacity to connect with the divine. Meditation is known to reduce stress, improve brain function, sharpen intuition, and allows you to reset your mind and get a fresh start. There is never a disconnection between us as people and our spirits, but we can sometimes feel estranged from who we are deep down. Reconnecting with this part of ourselves and identifying with the spirit that dwells within can help us find our balance and our strength. Additionally, it gives us the inspiration to create and work at higher standards.

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