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 Divorce Recovery Therapy

  • You Are Not Alone
    Feelings of unworthiness, uncertainty and dissatisfaction are seemingly at an all-time high in modern times. We are, in essence, a society ripe with negative thinking. Cleveland Clinic studies show that each person has an average of 70,000 thoughts a day, 95 percent of which are repeated every day. And, of all those habitual thoughts, a whopping 80 percent of them are negative! As humans, we are hardwired to pay more attention to negative experiences than positive ones. This was critical for survival during periods of evolution and can occasionally still serve us well when danger is present. However, in today’s world, very few of us are in a perpetual state of danger. Most of our negative thinking stems from societal messaging that we subscribe to. Some of that messaging promotes ideas that we must be beautiful, accomplish great feats and accumulate wealth in order to be “whole.” Losses, significant life transitions, traumas and daily stress can also trigger ailments like depression and anxiety, which can rob us of our aliveness, cause feelings of inadequacy and keep us questioning the purpose and meaning of our lives. Feelings of inadequacy and unhappiness have become the cultural norm, but you don’t have to live that way. If feelings of perpetual anger or sadness, anxious thoughts, lack energy or defensiveness are impacting your ability to experience joy, meaning and productivity in your life, we can help you reframe your perceptions of yourself and your experience. With help, you can begin living a life of balance, intimacy and joy.
  • Individual Therapy Can Help You Feel Empowered And Alive
    When we experience anxiety, depression or other emotional conflicts, the most common reaction is to resist or avoid. Most people will do anything to not feel discomfort. But, unless feelings are experienced openly and with full awareness, they go “underground,” obstruct full expression and drain vitality. In order to flourish, you must face painful feelings and heed their message. These feelings are often wake-up calls that can help you integrate the previously unaddressed parts of yourself. When you develop this awareness, you can realize your full potential and live in your wholeness. In safe, nonjudgmental individual sessions, I will support you in opening to the difficult aspects of your life. Through a process of awareness and acceptance, I can help you transform anxiety into peacefulness, anger into resoluteness, fear into fearlessness and sadness into compassion. Through sessions, you can also begin to realize that there is not – nor has there ever been – anything wrong with you. There were only things that you were told, shown and then believed, that made you think that your belief system is “right” and therefore if you aren't able to achieve your goals or obtain your wants you are less than whole, not deserving or capable.. Through various forms of spiritual therapy and more traditional psychodynamic approaches, we can help you see, accept and let go of your perceived deficiencies and complexes so that you can connect to the radiance of your essential nature and create your existence. In adult counseling sessions, we’ll also explore and dispel unproductive mindsets. You can begin to realize that most things that happen in your world are essentially out of your immediate control, which can elicit relief and a sense of freedom. We’ll encourage you to take responsibility for your life; however, once you understand that what has happened, is happening and will happen in your life could not have happened or will not happen any other way, based on your choices you can let go of guilt, shame, anxiety and fear. Once we break down your stories and fears, you can begin to learn healthy ways to express yourself. You can experience situations, rather than act out or withdraw. You can turn complaints into requests. You can reframe how you talk to yourself and others and quell self-created, unproductive misconceptions about who you are. With our help we can facilitate an effective approach to healing; it’s possible to feel more fulfilled, shift out of negative thinking and accept yourself and your experience completely. There’s no need to continue suffering. Once you accept and let go, you create space for positive change. By fully embracing your emotions and experience, pain can dissipate. You can cultivate a sense of ease, enjoy peacefulness and live a life of joy.
  • You may feel afraid that talking about your feelings and issues will make you feel worse than you already do.
    Whether you are talking about your feelings or not, they are still there. In order to truly become unstuck and experience relief and healing, you need to deconstruct the stories you’ve been telling yourself and shift into a new and healthier perspective. And, although it may feel scary to think about sharing your experience with another person and really feel your feelings, doing so often comes with so much relief. We’ll never push you to disclose anything you’re not ready to. We will move at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

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Spiritual therapy helping you cope & heal after a divorce

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