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Djehuty Consultation

Djehuty Shetau 
If you desire to understand  the energies, & frequencies that are around you that are may be assisting you in your pursuits or thwarting your sucesses, book a Djehuty consultation.  

There are always circumstances that lead to our current challenges or things we’ve put into motion, causing our present predicaments in life cyclically.  Patterns, outside influences are always present and active in our lives.

Perhaps you believe in fate, and destinies our beliefs impact our experiences in life.


Djehuty the ancient Kemety (Egyptian/Kemetic) personification of wisdom shows us how events and occurrences in our lives can be influenced by our understanding of what we are facing in our chosen place in life, at, the moment of consultation.


 Be prepared to face truth, and work, to adjust yourself in accordance to surrounding influences that may be affecting you. The Djehuty Consultation will let you know what “divine” forces surround you and are available to assist you in shape shifting what you are presently experiencing.  

It is an ancient art based on the Binary system of of our greater civilizations.  Li wi em hetep em Djehuty Shetau!


(Welcome in peace to Djehuty Secrets. )   

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Ask Yourself?

  • What is your purpose?

  • Do you know what your task is in this lifetime? 

  • Do you want to know who your really are and your true self?

  • Do you feel successful in your life pursuits?

  • Do you feel complete & fulfilled?

  • Do you experience negative repeating  trends in your life

If you are unsure of any of these questions consider a Djehuty Consultation to gain further clarity. 

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR

Will just one Djehuty Consultation solve all your problems?
One consultation will not solve all your problems, that is why we advise that a person should receive an Djehuty consultation at least once a month to make sure that they are on the right path and nothing has interfered with their growth. As humans we are faced with lots of challenges in life ranging from health problems, financial problems, poverty, enemies, relationship problems etc.

During the consultation, whatever areas of your life needs strong attention and elevation we'll focus on. The Djehuty Consultation  can reveal important, sensitive aspects of your life pursuits and give the recommendations for improvement.

The Djehuty bianary system is a bit by bit process. The Djehuty system requires patience and working gradually towards reaching our highest  potential in life.​

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR
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