An Altar

For All

If you lack the confidence or the know-how to burn your own candles, don't have the experience, don't have the much needed privacy or are afraid to leave your candles burning while you're away... We can burn them for you. Our altar has a high level of spiritual energy that is constantly maintained and in use everyday. 


With a powerfully charged energy our altar is a magnet for attracting positivity. You can burn as many candles as you want depending on available alter space and once your candle is lit it will burn until it goes out.

For this service we will need to know the purpose of the candle. Be as specific as possible. We will need to know exactly what the candle will be burned for and your desired outcome. If the candle will be lit for another person include their full name. You can send us a picture of the person to be placed near the candle if you want. The more personal you can make the candle request the better. 

I will email you when the candle is lit along with pictures and information regarding the process and how it's burning. We will also email you when it goes out.


When the candle is consumed we dispose of it and the request paper in a proper respectful manner.



Santuario De Los Antepasados

This is a devotional space to pay respects to one’s ancestors—especially those of your family. Use our shrine if you do not wish to delve deeply into spirit work, but still want to regularly honor your ancestors. This is especially useful for a loved one that recently passed away.

Our shrine can be used for daily or weekly offerings and are a good place to share the sorrows and joys of your life with your relatives that have passed away.


Bring in offerings to leave at an ancestral shrine for your loved ones, include their favorite, tea, coffee, tobacco, flowers, incense, or small stuffed animals. It is best to offer only what the individual spirit preferred when alive. Did they have a sweet tooth? Were they a smoker? Take these things into consideration when choosing the right offering.

Ancestor Shrine



A lighting of 13 candles

(numerology of 13)

space for 14 offerings or more depending on the size of each offering.

7 days of of honor and prayer.

Contact us to reserve shrine space. 

(216) 369-9144

5340 Hamilton Ave #205, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA

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