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Delta Frequency Binaural Beat:


Delta frequency binaural beats are also identified as a peaceful frequency. Different binaural beats provide benefits in different states of mind. Delta frequency comes with a very low-frequency difference of a minimum of 0.5 Hz which is best for relaxation and relieving stress and tiredness. 

The 3 Hz frequency stimulation brainwave entrainment in the brain causing eliminating excess worry and chronic stress.

Benefits of Delta Binaural beats Frequency.

  • Healing

Delta frequencies produce frequency resulting in triggering hormones which result in healing.

  • Promote Growth hormone

Also in the lower end of Freeney release beneficial human growth hormone.

  • Deep sleep

It’s the best source for deep sleep and can eliminate sleep-disturbing threats.

  • Relaxation

Best for relaxation when during the day if you feel tired and chronic muscle pain taking your all attention then delta beats may help you to relax your mind and relieve muscle helping relaxation.


Delta beats are helpful for relaxation and bring mental peace back. It also helps in night curing insomnia and sleep threats.

Which helps you to experience quality night sleep and be ready to wake up fresh the next morning.

Delta Frequency Binaural Beats Snippet

  • MP3

  • Loop/Repeat audio file

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