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Beta binaural beats produce frequency 13 to 30hz. It's commonly identified as focus and productivity beats. There are many studies that show a gradual improvement of focus and awareness with beta binaural beats. The high-frequency waves are very beneficial for increasing cognition and mental abilities.

One of the effects is also relief from overthinking. If you are facing problems like overthinking and being lost in your thoughts then beta binaural beats are very useful to clear your thoughts.


Best Way To Use:


Sit in a calm and relaxing state. 

Avoid listening to these beats at night. In most cases beta binaural beats release high frequencies which can cause challenges when attempting to sleep.


Benefits Of Beta Binaural Beats:


  • Increased Focus and awareness
  • Increase productivity
  • Helping to relieve negative blocks from your mind.
  • Help to reduce overthinking if you're stuck in thoughts.
  • Increase cognition and mental abilities

Beta Binaural Beats Snippet

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