Welcome Subscribers

When you become a member, you'll gain access to certain benefits. You’ll get different perks based on the different levels that you join at. 
Exclusive public-facing membership badge next to your channel name in all comments and live chats that you make on the channel you're a member of
On some channels, the badge will reflect how long you've been a member of a channel, either through different colored default badges or through different badges uploaded by the channel
If you become a channel member during a live stream on that channel, a bright green “New Member” message will be sent in live chat and your profile picture is pinned at the top of chat for 5 minutes
Access to members-only posts on the channel’s Community tab (if offered by the channel)
Access to creator perks which may be offered by the channel and are subject to change
Exclusive access to members-only live chat (if offered by the channel)

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