Why Upgrade?

 Because it WILL help you be more productive

Revisiting complex topics

When your session is covering a topic that is quite complex and difficult to understand, you would want to give your full attention to what is being conveyed instead of frantically trying to write everything down that is said. An audio recording gives you the opportunity to listen to the session, or parts of it, as often as you want. Revisiting challenging parts with the help a recording can improve understanding and help with memorizing information.

Covering what you didn't absorb and sharing your session

Face it, we all have "off-days" You’re sick and barely mentally present for your 9am session. Well, by having a recording from us you review the session when you are at 100% and with fresh ears gain a greater perspective. 

Or perhaps you and your significant other, business partner, or a team member have a reservation but all parties cant be present. Upgrading will give you the ability to share a digital copy of the session quickly and easily.  

Helping you keep up

Not everyone is blessed with fast penmanship and many of us have slow handwriting. Speaking is also at least three times faster than typing, so even those of us that type notes for our sessions still struggle to keep up. Often, by the time you’ve finished writing or typing one point; another three have been made and your session is moving ahead. Recording the session will guarantee you don’t miss anything and allow you to listen more intently.

Limitations of using your own phone.

If you are trying to use your smartphone to record, you have to worry about limited battery life and storage in our longer sessions. A good recording takes up a lot of space. You might run of space if you have multiple pics or videos on your phone.

Our sessions are recorded and stored in the cloud for you to access allowing you to save your smartphone battery and the hassle of trying to find storage space on your phone.

Reviewing content

It’s the night before an important decision needs to be made and you are re-thinking the topics discussed in the session. Suddenly, you realize you don’t have a full understanding of a particular aspect. It’s too late to book another session or shoot of an email for additional clarity or help. If you kept a recording of the session, you can easily refer to the session when that aspect was discussed.

Now you are armed with the info you need to move forward with the confidence to make the right decision.

No Interrupted recording

Suppose you are in ddle of a session, attentively listening with your smartphone recording the whole session. But at the end of the session, you realize that your kids called you to check in, and your recording app stopped recording once the call came and didn’t record anything after that. Or imagine you have all of your family at home and the environment is lively with the sounds of children at play. You have no way of drowning out the sound. Upgrading your reservation gives you a recorded session without interruptions from calls, texts, or notifications. This also gives you the ability to mute your phone to drown out the noise and distractions while we continue to record in a quiet environment.

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