Djehuty Session

  • 1 hour
  • 215 US dollars
  • Phone

Service Description

Djehuty Shetau If you want to understand what the energies, frequencies are around you that are either assisting you in your pursuits or thwarting you in your pursuits, get a Djehuty Consultation. There are always circumstances or decisions we’ve chosen that lead to challenges or obstacles, causing predicaments in life that seem to repeat cyclically. Your belief in patterns, outside influences, fate, and destinies all play a part in how you view, respond and react to obstacles. Djehuty the ancient Kemet (Egyptian/Kemetic) personification of wisdom gives us insight into how our lives can be influenced positively by increasing our awareness and understanding of the complexity of life and your life's challenges specifically. Articulate specifically what you are facing and get closer to finding a resolution and results through taking action. Be prepared to face the truth, ready and willing to work, while maintaining an openness to adjust yourself in accordance to the surrounding influences. Djehuty sessions will let you know what “divine” forces surround you and are available to assist in shifting your challenges. It is an ancient art based on the Binary system of great ancient civilizations. Li wi em hetep em Djehuty Shetau! (Welcome in peace to Djehuty Secrets)

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