Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass

Sweetgrass is a native smudge for attraction of positive energies. We use sweetgrass after clearing with white sage. Negative energy out, positive energy in. And it will look beautiful adorning your altar space. To use, simply light the end with a match stick or candle and then blow out, spreading the smoke with your hand or a smudge wand.


Sweet Grass,  is offerred in Gratitude and Abundance in ceremony and ritual. Important to all Native Nations across the Americas,

**Carry Prayer, Purify, give Thanks, Sweeten, and Heal.**

*SWEET GRASS* is often offered/burned in rituals of gratitude when starting the day, setting new intentions, before beginning a new project, in Ceremony, Dance, Prayer.

** Lighter and more subtle than the Sages, Sweet Grass is traditionally burned after Cedar and the Sages, but traditions and ceremonies differ.

* Sweet grass is an invitation to fill your space and heart with goodness. A Lakota Elder says that Sage and Cedar drive out the bad spirits; Sweet grass draws the good ones to your ceremony to help you carry out your good intentions!

**The beauty of this Plant Spirit** Sweet Grass does not need to be burned to be enjoyed; it holds its vanilla like scent for a long time. Keep yours hanging in your space by a window, in clothes, or in your car~ to receive the blessings of the Plant Spirit. Smudging ritual brings blessings by scent and Sacred Smoke.


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