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Our palm leafy straws are 100% organic biodegradable single-use drinking straws made out of dried leaves that have fallen to the ground naturally. These leaves sometimes cause harm to the environment in a less apparent way – they are often burnt, sending polluting fumes into the air. Instead, Karmic Seed puts them to good use, being an alternative to plastic and thus being eco-friendly and healthier to the user. Enjoy every sip with pride, without guilt!

Our straws are patent protected.

  • These leafy straws are 100 % organic
  • Completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • No artificial wax or coating through each straw has a natural inbuilt wax
  • These straws can be used in hot or cold beverage
  • Six-month shelf life
  • Single-use only
  • Can be immersed in liquid for hours
  • Great replacement for paper and plastic straws

Made from fallen palm leaves that might otherwise be burnt, emitting thick fumes, these straws do not contain any chemicals that can enter the body of the end-user. The only side-effect they have is a good one; they will help the rural economy in coconut-growing South Asian countries. Every purchase helps provide sustainable work and business to women’s self-help groups, small farmers and other micro-entrepreneurs, thus greatly benefiting India’s rural poor.

Leafy Straw - Coconut Palm Leaf Drinking Straws (50 Count)

SKU: 2ec43465
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