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Aromatherapy Eye Pillows available in chamomile,  Lavender or a combination of both are handmade with love, local made with organic herbs, flaxseed and essential oils.


The eye pillow measures 4" x 8" and is just the perfect size to provide the right combination of weight, heat and scent. Great for yoga, meditation, or relaxation.



Place eye pillow on a microwave-safe plate and place in microwave for 10 seconds. Do not overheat. Use the pillow warm to promote better quality sleep.


Eye pillow can also be stored in the freezer for use as an inflammation reducer.



Migraine relief

Light darkening

Sinus relief

Stress reliever

Promotes natural calming


Chamomile & Lavender scented pillows are made with my organic homegrown herbs. It is lightly scented with an earthy, floral aroma to lift your spirits and brighten your mood. Lavender has many proven healing benefits, and studies have shown improvements in sleep quality, decreased anxiety, and even neurological benefits. Using this daily is an easy way to unwind after a stressful day, and aids the body in fully relaxing.

Eye Pillow

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