Basic Session Upgrade (Audio Recording)

Basic Session Upgrade (Audio Recording)

A recording of your session layerd with Binaural Beats audio. 


Boost your focus

It’s really hard to focus on what these days with so many distractions, imagine your furiously trying to keep up by writing down notes during your session. You need full focus to absorb what is being said, and trying to absorb and execute from your memory and scribbled notes days or weeks later just isn’t a good way to approach objectives or goals. Having us record your session, you’ll be able to fully focus on the messaging, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll have all the information ready to review later to take the proper action. The audio is layered with low frequency Binaural Beats aid in information retention. 



  • How To Use

    1.  Purchase this upgrade & copy the ORDER NUMBER

    2. Download the download file and scan the included QR Code to book a reservation. Or click here to open our booking calendar in a new window. 

    3.  Paste your order number into the NOTES SECTION of your reservation. 

    We'll take cre of the rest! 


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