We are a great alternative to traditional therapy.

Getting mental health care is especially important right now. Even if you’re not full-on panicking, a we can help you sort through your feelings and establish self-care habits better than any social media hashtag ever could. The reality is there are going to be losses in the next weeks and maybe months, from canceled graduations and weddings, to sick loved ones in our community. Honor and grieve those losses, we can help you figure out how to grieve without falling into sheer despair. “It can be complicated to sort through. We know how to help with this stuff. We’re really good at it.”

We are rolling out video sessions very soon and currently offering phone support.

It’s true that one of the biggest issues many people are facing is a potential loss of their job and loss of economic stability. This will disrupt access to the funds and insurance needed to access therapy. We are a great alternative. If you have limited funds, you can commit to as little as 1 session, rather than an ongoing standing appointment. If you cannot afford our options, try a crisis hotline, and reach out to friends and loved ones.

These next weeks and months will be really hard. Start caring for your mental health sooner rather than later. Don't be a victim and own your outcome through this.

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