Maintaining our "Pass" pricing and services

The global community is trying their best to cope with the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19. Governments are trying to quell panic while being appropriately cautious to contain the spread. Individuals are preserving their own and their families’ health by minimizing exposure. These are no doubt challenging times for all of us.

As a business, we’ve been observing and thinking deeply about what actions to take as this virus continues to spread, and how to be as helpful as we possibly can be. Here is what we came up with. Understanding that some of our clients may experience lost wages during this time we have decided to keep our prices affordable by extending our PASS prices for our most popular services. Last year we decided to to increase our prices to continue to provide quality spiritual advisement services as the cost of doing business rises. We did this with the intention of adopting our new pricing model by the end of March. We have decided that now is not the time. We want our clients to still have access to care and advisement at a price that they can afford.

Many people around the world do not have the luxury of taking time off work without it severely altering their financial wellbeing. Taking weeks or months out of school will have a huge impact on students’ families as child care can become an issue. We are aware can concerned. We will also be rolling out grief and anxiety support sessions at a reduced rate in the near future to help those that need emotional and spiritual support during these times.

Our hope is that by stepping up, we’re making a dent in the impact this pandemic is causing, not just by making our services more accessible, but by helping set the kind of example we hope more businesses will follow.

Please reach out if we can be of any help, and take care of each other.

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