Lynette Ramos

QHHT Practitioner

Hello, all my name is Lynette Ramos and I’d love to take a few moments of your time to introduce myself and my work. I am really excited to be a part of the Sistrum community and grateful to have a platform to share my passion for holistic health and especially mental and spiritual wholeness. 


I am a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner, work with ancestral and cosmic energy and use shamanic techniques to safely identify and facilitate healing the source of fear and limitations. I use a combination of techniques that include past life regression, early life regression, sound healing, crystals, and alchemy. 


My one on one work with clients has inspired the meditations and hypnosis recordings that I’m sharing with you and this community. I am passionate about assisting you in freeing yourself of fear and pain to more aligned thoughts and beliefs that guide you back to your brilliance and divinity. You have everything within you. The process of healing involves letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that keep you from being authentic, powerful and fulfilled. Mindfulness practices aid in the process of remembering and restoring your divinity within your physical vessel. 


It is my sincere intention, through these practices and services, that your beauty and value will be more apparent and that no matter what your earthly experiences have been, you can always restore yourself. Through my healing work and my personal experiences, I’ve learned that everything has its purpose. Your darkest moments can be used to deepen your love, compassion, and wisdom within yourself and in interacting with others. 




You are worth it. You are loved. You are guided.


 It is not about perfection, but about your willingness to grow and return to yourself again and again. 


Be compassionate with yourself and do your best in each moment no matter what that looks like.


I hope to get to know you more personally and I’m here if you have any questions or feedback. 


Be well,


Lynette has explored the mind and body connection and studied many metaphysical and spiritual paths looking for answers on how to heal. She eventually was drawn to Central and South America to participate in sacred plant ceremonies and connect with her ancestral energy and the healing spirit of our plant allies. Her experiences were life-changing and she knew others could benefit from this kind of experience, but also had the awareness that the plant medicine path wasn’t for everyone. She intended on finding ways to bring similar healing to others without assistance from the plant. Eventually, she came across the work of Dolores Cannon who created a technique that would allow people to do some of the deeper subconscious work via hypnosis. This technique gives the client access to the more uncharted places in our minds that have the wisdom and power to create change and healing.

"The journey to our final destination begins with a step and ends with a step...what you do between those steps is what counts."

Lynette on a her life mottos

My spiritual design inspiration at a glance

Healer Profile

What is your current state of mind?
I’m feeling introspective, inspired and grateful 

What is the quality you admire most in a friend?
Authentically loving-someone that will be honest and caring


If you could travel to anywhere right this instant, where would you go?


What is your idea of spirituality at its best?
Spirituality at its best is when power meets love and authenticity meets non judgement. 


What in your opinion is a spiritual faux pas?


What spiritual “norms” do you want to break?
The idea that we must follow man made and socially approved rules. I believe we must find the divine and ourselves through following our heart and being compassionate when we make mistakes. 



5 words to describe your spiritual style?
Transparent, loving, nonjudgmental, intimate, multi-dimensional


Which spiritual figures style/practice do you admire?
I love when science does its best to understand metaphysical concepts. It helps when my left brain is in board to be able to fully integrate an idea. I also love studying ancient culture and spiritual practices. 


Which talent would you most like to have?
Manifestation-I’m working on being able to create my life with precision and purpose. 


What trend do you want people to stop practicing?
Following the crowd...boring. I encourage people to learn from all walks of life and create something unique. 


What is your biggest regret?
Not fully trusting my intuition earlier in life.

How I can help you

Services and Descriptions

1. Personalized, Private Guided Meditations

Let us create and record a guided visualization, tailored specifically to your needs! We will meet with you (virtually) for 15-20 minutes to learn more about the vision that you would like to create, then you relax and take it all in. The best part is that you can play the recording at home daily, to reinforce your goals. The cost starts at $125 for a one-hour meditation. To schedule a session, please email us here.

1a. Online Meditations: Click HERE to view remote video meditations

Starting at $2.99


  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Reverse “Fight or Flight” Response

  • Deepen Sleep

  • Clearer Thinking and Memory

  • Increase Self-Confidence

  • Enhance Productivity

  • Improve Intuition

There are many different ways to meditate that can be used interchangeably and may include primarily focusing on your breath, using visualizations and incorporating sounds/instruments.

Taking time each day, even for just 5 minutes can improve the quality of your day, how you feel and the way you respond to life circumstances.

Some believe they aren’t good at meditating, but anyone can meditate. All it takes is practice and the willingness to invest the time to sit with yourself. You don’t have to be perfect and you will likely still experience your mind and thoughts. The difference is you will be more likely to be aware and observe your thoughts versus feeling victim to them or often feeling overwhelmed. 


2. Spiritual/emotional remote healing session

$33 for 30 minutes


This type of session focuses on bringing a deeper sense of clarity, a higher sense of peace and the initiation of healing. Healing and intention transcend time and space and can effectively occur remotely. A questionnaire will be sent to allow an explanation of what the intention of the session will be. Time will be scheduled for you to rest and/or meditate to amplify receptivity for the 30-minute energy transmission/exchange. Any follow up messages/downloads received during the healing will be included in an email. 


3. Classes (Click HERE to inquire about a class)

  • How to use the power and intelligence of the heart and mind

When we understand how the mind and heart work together we operate more holistically and efficiently. Our intuition, immune and cardiovascular systems are stronger. We can problem-solve, learn and think more creatively and from a higher perspective. Our bodies trigger anti-aging hormones and we tend to live longer lives.  

  • Managing emotions and stress for success and fulfillment

Life is filled with contrasting experiences ranging from joy to grief. We cannot always control what happens, but our response is what is important. Many of us have triggers or sensitive areas that are difficult to manage or we simply do our best to avoid them. What if we could use our emotions to guide us and not feel overwhelmed by them? What if we use the moments in our lives that are challenging and grow from them? We will all experience stressful times, but there are tools and strategies that will bring in more ease and understanding along the way. 

  • Strengthening intuition and connection with the higher self

There is a part of us that is more closely connected with the “All”, the Divine, Creation, Source, the Universe. There are many names to describe higher consciousness, and there are ways to allow this intelligence to flow through us or not. We have an inner wisdom that can help us navigate any experience if we know how to connect with it. The more we connect and allow this aspect of ourselves to lead our lives, we can experience life more synchronistic and clearly.


  • Chakras 101

We'll explore:

  • What chakras are

  • What causes blockages and imbalances

  • How your mind, body, and spirit are impacted when in and out of balance

  • How to balance them via meditation, mantras/affirmations, colors and crystals