From Our Office To Wherever You Are 

Hunkering down at home can be hard on the mind. That’s why we’re excited to bring additional content directly to you! Get ready to explore some of our partner practitioners near and far as you continue your journey with us online, and the best part is our line up of video content and live media will be ever-expanding so you can easily find that perfect class, meditation, discussion to fit any mood as we expand. While this may not be the platform or style off mindfulness you are used to, we’re right there with you, this is new for us too! We will continuously improve our approach every day, after all - we’re all in this together!

2020 Covid-19 Reading by Karen Hale

For the best experience please listen with headphones. 


Free Meditation tips for your practice

Meditation is an incredible way to help keep you feeling grounded and present, rather than allowing your mind to wander off into fear, worry, and anticipation. It will help you shift your mindset and create a sense of calmness and peace in your mind and body.

Please join me for an online guided meditation where we will build community and take some time to relax together. I will offer tools for de-stressing and regulating your emotions and help prepare your mindset for the week ahead.

No experience is necessary, and beginners are encouraged to try Meditation in the comfort of their own space. 


 Discussions, Dreams & More with Karen Hale 

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When you’re busy or on the go, it can be hard to find a moment just for yourself. Instead of asking “Where can I go to unwind?” the question becomes “How can I unwind wherever I am?” Now you’ve got a great answer with our discussions, and guided meditations that you can download or stream to any computer or mobile device.


Our discussions and guided meditations are designed to tap into your imagination to create positive sensations that affect your mind as well as body 


We'll touch on specialized topics including:


Emotional wellness

Living healthier

Health conditions and concerns

 And much much more.

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Hear audio stories from the colorful, deep, spiritual, and mystical mind of Karen Hale.  Check-in for discussions from the esoteric to mummies to dreams to relationships—that expand on topics from Karen's everyday life.

Be prepared to laugh, learn, and maybe cry, all as we build our community.  

We hope you find these recordings to be an invaluable source of information, a place for education and daily inspiration. She shares with you her musings on the important subjects of life and well-being.


Recordings will be uploaded regularly to enrich your life, give you daily encouragement and maybe answer some of the important life questions that have been playing on your mind.

If you have a topic you'd like to hear a discussion on click here to send us a message.