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Female Intimacy Consulting

Image by Pradeep Ranjan

Intimacy challenges in relationships

Whether you are a single person or in a partnership, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with vulnerability, with relying on others for emotional support, and other anxieties associated with being intimate. These challenges with intimacy often stem from our past difficult experiences like unresolved fears or some anxiety about closeness, and other elusive factors that we may not easily see. These are sensitive topics that are difficult to navigate, and it is helpful to have some guided discussion to draw out and address roadblocks getting in the way of deepening your relationships.

What do intimacy issues look like?

PEOPLE WITH INTIMACY ISSUES MAY EXPERIENCE Difficulty creating or maintaining close relationships Hesitation or difficulty trusting others Volatile or unstable relationships Trouble sharing or expressing feelings and emotions Issues being sexually close with partners or being sexually insatiable Low self-esteem or unstable sense of self A desire to avoid physical contact Avoidance of close relationships due to fear of rejection Feeling unworthy of love or affection

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