Please note vouchers will require a booked and confirmed reservation. You will not be charged for the reservation; this is simply to secure your preferred reservation time and date. Keep your receipt number as proof of your voucher purchase and present it to a Sistrum Inc employee on the day of your reservation.


  All reservations require a valid credit/debit card in order to book a reservation or service. Your card WILL NOT be charged upon booking any of our reservations. Invoices will be issued for credit/debit cards that are unable to be processed should a reservation be missed or canceled outside of our cancelation policy.  

*No limit per customer. Must be purchased PRIOR to booking the reservation. Missed appointments are subject to standard cancelation fees/charges. "Pay & Save / Bundle Packages" must be redeemed/used within 6 months. *Bundles are not transferable.

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60min Reservation Voucher

Pre-purchase our 60 min reservation for our legacy rate of $125.00.

*After purchasing this reservation go to our booking page here to secure your reservation slot. You will not be charged twice for the reservation. 


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45 min Reservation


Pre-purchase our new 45 min reservation for our promotional rate of $85.00.

*After purchasing this reservation go to our booking page here to secure your reservation slot. You will not be charged twice for the reservation. 


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30 min Reservation


Pre-purchase our 30 min reservation for our legacy rate of $65.00.

*After purchasing this reservation go to our booking page here to secure your reservation slot. You will not be charged twice for the reservation. 


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15 min Reservation


Pre-purchase our 15 min reservation for our legacy rate of $45.00.

*After purchasing this reservation go to our booking page here to secure your reservation slot. You will not be charged twice for the reservation. 


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10 min Reservation


Pre-purchase our 10 min reservation for our legacy rate of $35.00. *Limited time service

*After purchasing this reservation go to our booking page here to secure your reservation slot. You will not be charged twice for the reservation. 


Purchase A bundle package and save even more. Each bundle gives you 3 reservations, one reservation 50% off. 


Three 60 min Reservations Bundle



Three 45 min Reservations Bundle



Three 30 min Reservations Bundle



Three 15 min Reservations Bundle



Three 10 min Reservations Bundle


Standard Sessions

Varies by service.

All sessions are able to be facilitated over the phone.


10 minute session .................$35.00
15 minute session ..............  $45.00
30 minute session...............  $65.00
1 hour session .................  $125.00

Solo 30 minute Binaural Meditation


 Our binaural music is capable of cultivating relaxation even during times of high stress, with remarkable relaxation and meditation benefits. 


The beats are effective in freeing the mind and creating that realm of calm space we require, daily.

The popularity of binaural beat downloads has soared in the last few years as more scientific studies emerge documenting the benefits, and as the medical profession increasingly turns to using theta therapy to cure behavioral and cognitive disorders. 

Binaural beats can be listened to anywhere, anytime, but are most effective when listened to in an environment conducive to relaxation, such as lying on one of our chaise lounges in our listening stations.

By simply putting on a pair of headphones and pressing play, you can drift off to a realm of peace, while at the same time manifesting a wide variety of benefits in your everyday life including but not limited to: 

1. Increased Relaxation

Binaural beats allow you to tap into relaxation at the touch of a button, which is great if you’re under a heavy schedule with minimal time to yourself. By listening to a theta recording you can go from highly-strung to ultra chilled in just a few minutes.

2. Better Sleep

The benefit of being able to relax on demand is better sleep. By listening to binaural beats on a daily basis the mind is entrained to learn to relax on demand. There are also specific recordings, such as our Deep Sleep recording, designed to aid deep, restful sleep and prevent an overactive mind at bedtime.

3. Deep Meditation

Our brains are so used to running in high activity frequency zones that centering the mind for meditation is near on impossible. Binaural beats aid meditators in achieving low brainwave frequency while at the same time maintaining a high level of consciousness. No matter the type of meditation you are practicing, binaural beats will help you access the realm of higher awareness faster, and help you stay there for longer.


4. Mindfulness

Even when we do get time for ourselves it's tough to remain undistracted, even if no one else is around. The mind is easily scattered, and is usually everywhere but in the moment we want it to be. Binaural beats enable you to truly access the present, to really be in the now and let go of attachment to the past and thoughts of the future. 

5. Increased Positivity

Studies have shown that the calming effect binaural beats have on the brain boosts positivity in everyday life. Users consistently report feelings of increased optimism, contentment and happiness. 


6. Increased Concentration

While binaural beats technology is widely known for relaxing the brain, the recordings can also be used to increase focus and concentration. Binaural beats are capable of eliminating stress and pressure from the mind, thus making us more focused and attentive.


7. Body Healing

Though binaural beats can't directly heal illness, but science has long since proven the intrinsic link between mental health and physical health. By relieving the mind of stress and anxiety the body will naturally become healthier and stronger.


8. Lower Stress

Perhaps the most highly documented benefit of binaural beat technology is stress relief.  Binaural beats transport the user to a place of tranquillity, to another world where there is peace from the tension and challenge of everyday life. Over time this calm disposition will manifest itself in the user's everyday life experience. 


9. Eliminate Anxiety

Like stress, binaural beats provide sanctuary for those suffering anxiety and related symptoms such as panic attacks and irrational thought processes. Listening to binaural beats can help alleviate anxiety around specific life situations.


10. Spiritual Consciousness

Over the last few years an increasing number of people have begun using binaural beats recordings to open their "third eye" and gain access to spiritual consciousness, higher learning and heightened awareness of self. In addition to varying forms of meditation, Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are two commonly sought after higher consciousness states achieved through the use of binaural beats. 

Binaural beats are easy to use, natural and 100% safe. Now you too can enhance your quality of life with this amazing technology. 

RaSekhi & Sekhem Heka Healing (Egyptian reiki treatment)


A technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This service is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

There are nine parts to the human body system.  The grossest form is the corporeal body itself.  There are eight other parts to our system.  When we are ill, most likely the last place for an illness to show up is the physical body. Illness starts in our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies first.  

Below you will find the nine parts of our bodies:

Khat= the natural body, our fleshly temple.

Ka= the etheric double

Khaibet= the shadow body

Ab= the heart body

Ba= the soul body

Sahu= the spirit body

Akh= the auric body

Ren= the name body

Sekhem= the vital force body.

I have been trained in sensing and recognizing the energy flow of these different body systems.  There are often times blockages in our systems which can lead to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual disease.   Sistrum incorporates these systems with a holistic approach to the healing of our lives.  Experience the movement of stagnant energies in order to facilitate a healing process in your life.

Auric Cleanse


See below for important information regarding this service.

Cleanse your aura of all the negative vibrations and energies that take us into a place of darkness, listlessness and despair.


The Auric cleanse will serve to help you quiet those negative thoughts and help you to re-calibrate and focus.

What you'll need:

  • All White clothing

  • White fabric for covering/wrapping your head.​

What you should expect


In this cleansing and blessing ritual, a person’s conscious mind is aligned with his or her spirit guide protectors and their destiny through offerings to sacred points on the body, recitation of prayers. Think of it as a spiritual tune up.


The cleansing is a simple ceremony that can be done at any time for anyone, but is typically needed when a person needs to cool their head or “strengthen their mind”. When receiving a cleanse the person dresses all in white, and Karen places several substances on points on the person’s body. These substances include coconut, shea butter, cool water and other items that bring peace and alignment to a person’s spirit. The greatest amount of these substances goes on the top of the head, and the head is wrapped in white fabric.


PLEASE NOTE: You are unable to leave your home once you arrive following the treatment; you are also unable to listen to, watch (movies, online videos), or participate in anything loud or violent.  You may not curse, or drink alcohol. We suggest you choose a day or an evening when you have the most flexibility in your schedule.  You will need to sleep with your head covering on your head.

This procedure will approximately take 60 minutes.


* If you are wearing a hair weave or wig, it is not possible to do the cleanse with them on.  So you may wish to do the cleansing near the time of your salon appointment. It is important that we are able to access your scalp.  

The I Ching


Try a unique service people have trusted for centuries! Channeling the three underlying principles of the I Ching - simplicity, variability, and persistency - this innovative reading will key you into your present situation, the evolution or change it will undergo, and the final outcome!

Based on a 5000 year old system developed in China, this service is very precise and provides great depth  into your life. this is an enormous help - it tells you what challenges and opportunities you are likely to face if you take a particular path, and how you can negotiate the obstacles you meet. This is a bit different than the ‘tarot' system . Being told what will happen, as if your own choices had nothing to do with the outcome, can for some deeply dis-empowering  . The I Ching tells you what affects your choices will have, and helps you to develop strategies to achieve your goals. This reading comes with a spiritual kit to aid you in reaching  the desired destination of your path. Each kit is handcrafted by Karen Hale and created specifically for your need.  Each kit is made to be used over a 5 day period.

Spiritual Couples Counseling

$100.00 per hour

Spiritual Couples Counseling, as practiced at Sistrum, is a non-denominational, supportive therapy focused on the clients’ beliefs and value systems in support of their essential being and spiritual growth, both as individuals and as a couple.


The goal of Spiritual Couples Counseling is to deepen and/or re establish healthy communication, heal grief, anger, and trauma, and facilitate the growth of authentic intimacy.



  • Creates a safe, sacred space for clients to explore past experiences as a couple and current challenges to the relationship

  • Facilitates a discovery process in which both individual and shared goals are identified

  • Promotes intimacy by creating a safe space for communication

  • Aids in re-establishing trust after crisis

  • Reconnects clients with positive foundational relationship beliefs

  • Provides support in the deconstruction of old, dysfunctional beliefs and the subsequent embracing of new shared truths

  • Identifies and deepens understanding of emotional triggers, ultimately helping to decrease and/or defuse them

Birth Chart (Please contact our office to set up an appointment.)


Thanks to the internet, any modern-day astrological enthusiasts can look up their birth charts all by themselves. You can discover where all of the planets were in relation to the Wheel of the Zodiac at the moment of your birth and, in turn, learn more about your sun, moon, rising, and planetary signs. But, without the help of someone experienced in astrological alignments, it's tricky to know what, exactly, all of these details add up to.

Going to a specialist for an in-depth chart interpretation can give you a much more personal understanding of your astrological identity than Googling your planetary placements can.


To calculate your astrology birth chart, we’ll need your time, date and place of birth. Some people don’t know their birth time. If you can’t find it on your birth certificate, you can try contacting the Vital Records office in your state or area of birth. And if that still doesn’t work, make as close of an estimate as you can or enter 12:00 noon.

Without a birth time, you won’t be able to accurately learn your rising sign, or ascendant. Nor will you correctly know which houses the planets in your chart fall in. But there is still a LOT of data you can glean by providing your date and location of birth—so don’t let that stop you from checking out your astrology natal chart.

Spiritual Home Purification (Please contact our office to set up service)


A spiritual home purification is a spring clean of the atmosphere in your home. Your home will feel different, lighter, positive and peaceful, a welcoming and inviting place you are happy to come home to and live in.

No matter what I find, I can help you.

If you feel you need my help in spiritually cleansing your home, if you are being restricted in your home or if you feel being disturbed by an entity or force, I will cleanse you, and your loved ones who also live in your home. (This includes pets too)

If you contact me I will listen, no matter how bizarre or strange the situation, it is very likely I’ve encountered similar elsewhere.

There can be any number of reasons why your home may feel “off” or unhappy.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to cleansing, I will tailor my work to spiritually purify and clear your energy field, your home, and those you love.

Our homes and places of work often have heavy residual energy problems.  There can be a build up of negativity over years from previous or current occupants – even previous or current neighbors’ energy can seep into our space, affecting our homes and auric fields. Even turbulent relationships can bring energetic disturbances in our homes.  

Past events can leave a “stain” or imprint on the fabric of the land itself, not just buildings. Bedrock with high quartz content can record and amplify the effect of past events too. Buildings of  any age will accumulate imprints of the lives lived out in them… just think of all the emotions, circumstances experienced by each and every person who spent time there… which we are absorbing as well.  

I have always cleansed and blessed every home I move into. I strongly recommend you do the same.

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