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 Recorded audio that is layered with beta binaural beats & transcribed for you to review at any time to track your progress. 


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Birthchart Info

To reserve a birth chart interpretation, please take the time to fill out the information below. Once you submit your information you will be taken to our booking calendar. 

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Relationship Compatability

Are you compatible? Compare your chart with your partner's as a starting point to see what challenges may be in store, and how to navigate them. We interpret your chart and discuss your lifestyle, personality, relationship goals align with other factors.
To reserve a relationship compatibility session, please take the time to fill out the information below. Once you submit your information you will be taken to our booking calendar. 


Healthy Living Sessions

Supplements play a vital role in supporting many body functions and offer tremendous benefits for increasing energy, easing common symptoms, , and reducing the effects of stress.

We take a look at what you are experiencing and develop a comprehensive plan to address your ailments holistically with supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out the following form to help us understand ailments.

Have you been hospitalized in the last 12 months?
Are you currently suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury?

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Lifestyle Sessions 

While working towards a life goal, it’s helpful to ask yourself the following question: does my lifestyle match my life vision?

Answering this question with a “yes” means that we’re well on our way to living our best life, while answering with a “no” may be a sign that we’re veering off track…

Hearing the question for the first time can be a little daunting. You might ask yourself, “What even is a life vision? And how do I get my lifestyle to match it?”

To tap into what this question means and how it can help you improve your focus, we need to break it down into bite size pieces.

So let’s start at the beginning with what the terms “lifestyle” and “life vision” really mean.

To put it simply, our lifestyle is how we live our lives. It’s what we do each day – our habits and routines, our friends and family and the things we invest time in.

Whereas our life vision is what we see for our future. It’s the people we want to be and the things we’d like to achieve.

So let’s revisit the original question: does my lifestyle match my life vision?

Keeping the above definitions in mind, we start to get clearer on how to answer it.

Our lifestyle, or the things that we do each day, should be helping us get closer to achieving our life vision, or the person we want to be.

Basically, we need to be consistently doing things that will help us achieve our goals.

It sounds simple enough… but are we actually doing it?

Working towards a goal is easy on days when we’re motivated and ready to put in the work. But what about the days when we’re tired or stressed or busy beyond belief?

Sometimes “life” can get in the way of cultivating our dreams. And sometimes we make excuses for our own inaction. “I might just watch Netflix tonight because I’m so worn out from work today but definitely on Monday I’ll be hitting the gym”.

We often use little excuses like this to avoid getting consistent in working towards our goal. What we fail to realize is how often these excuses creep in, and how often consistent action creeps out.

By asking ourselves this lifestyle/life vision question, we’re forced to get honest about how hard and how consistently we’re working towards our goals. It helps get accountable for the action we take (or don’t take) every day and we can use this question to get ourselves back on track.

Let’s say our life vision was to be fit and healthy. By asking ourselves the question, “Does my lifestyle match my life vision?” we’re making sure we’re doing something every day to get us closer to our goal.

One day we might take big action and exercise at the gym or go on a long walk. The day after that we could take smaller action, and do a ten-minute meditation or research healthy cooking tips.

One action is big. One action is small. But both days got us closer to smashing that goal.

Are your actions aligned with your vision and desired and outcome? Are your behaviors consistent others in the space you desire to occupy? Are your expectations reasonable? We get to the bottom of it.  

We discuss your vison and areas to address to get you closer to where you want to be. You'll be amazed at the value provided by an outside perspective and in additions to spiritual approaches for logical outcomes.  

Femininity Sessions

Pink Smoke

Sacred Woman Sessions


Do you hate your cycle?


Like every woman is different so does their periods. Some has longer periods than others, some has more severe symptoms of periods than others while some don't have any symptoms at all. Some women hate them while some don't hate them much. You can actually learn to embrace and like your period. You may even find yourself looking forward to your cycle.


Periods can cause pain and cramps, can causes mood swings and irritating feelings. It can be costly as products cost money. It's understandable how moon cycles can be associated with negative experiences and connotations. 

Let's shift your focus and place emphasis around the sacredness of your cycle, learning to embrace and look forward to the cycle of fertility and wisdom.

The menstrual cycle is the most basic, earthy cycle we have. Blood is connection to the archetypal feminine. The macrocosmic cycles of nature, the waxing and waning, the ebb and flow of the tides and the changes of the seasons, are reflected on a smaller scale in the menstrual cycle of the individual female body. The monthly ripening of an egg and subsequent pregnancy or release of menstrual blood mirror the process of creation as it occurs not only in nature, unconsciously, but in human endeavor. Benefits can be reached if this is viewed as sacred.

Consider this- almost 25% of the year is spent on your cycle; now imagine how productive and improved the year would be if you used that 25% maximize your connectedness of your cycle and nature to harness the strength of magic and power during that  time to work for you and not against you. 


  •  know and listen to your body on a deeper level

  •  befriend the cycles of the seasons and understand how to align your daily life to natural rhythms

  •  connect with a community of women committed to spirituality and woman-centered health

Pregnant Photography

Pregnancy Sessions

Pregnant Photography

Pregnancy Sessions

Even with the support of friends and family, an unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult life event to process. 


You may wish to contact us if you:

  • are unsure about to making decisions surrounding your pregnancy

  • do not have a strong system of support at home

  • don’t always feel comfortable talking to loved ones about your pregnancy

  • are experiencing feelings depression or need help sorting through your feelings

You can count on we will provide unbiased, non-judgmental advice, answer all of your questions with patience and care. We will provide impartial information and keep your information confidential. Additionally, it is important to us that you feel you can talk to openly with fear while building a trusting relationship.

Parenting Sessions

Our mission is to help parents find practical solutions to effectively create a more peaceful and harmonious home environment .  First, we identify the factors causing the disruptive behaviors, and create a customized plan to help you establish structure, routines, and stability to develop a more harmonious and peaceful family environment.  We guide you through the process to implement the plan, and we will modify the plan as needed.

You will also learn how to establish age appropriate rules and consequences, and how to avoid power struggles and decrease conflict. If your pre-teen, teen, or adult child is experiencing anxiety or depression, we will discuss the option for them to participate in the process. 

Consider this, we need a license to drive, hunt, fish or marry, but anyone can become a parent, qualified or not.  Most people agree that being a parent is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs you will ever have, and the "always on the clock" nature of the job makes it even more stressful.  Parenting may be one of life’s greatest gifts, but it will test your patience and your nerves to no end.

The trials and tribulations of parenting bring joy and heartache over the years, and just when you think you have it all figured out, your kids move on, you start a new job, you get divorced or even re-marry. Life can sometimes get tin the way of things.


 You may think your child is going through a very difficult stage and will just “get over it” in time.  Sometimes this is correct, but it’s also true that the problem may escalate and become a bigger problem with more serious consequences as your child continues on their own path.  This is why it’s best to try to resolve the problem sooner, rather than later.  Many clients have expressed regret that they didn’t seek help sooner.

We are here to help. 

Woman at Work

Career Sessions

How we feel about our careers and the healthiness of our work environments have significant relationships to our mental and emotional health. We work with you on setting boundaries at work, finding career passions, creating manageable and rewarding self care balance, healing from toxic work environments., and exploring your next career step, if you feel you are in the wrong job/career. 


Clients seeking support related to their career often focus on:

  • Overcoming Burnout

  • Career Transitions: Next Steps & New Paths

  • Toxic Work Environments (including discrimination, harassment, bullying)

  • Job Search Difficulties & Success

  • Navigating Work/Life Balance

  • “Imposter Syndrome” or Adjusting to New Roles

What we can provide for you:

  • Explore and develop boundaries and resources to deal with current difficult work environments;

  • Process and heal from past toxic work environments;

  • Uncover and use your own strengths to solve current and future problems;

  • Learn how to counteract and prevent physical symptoms of work stress and burnout;

  • Uncover your values, passions, and priorities to help determine your next career step or path;

  • Build emotional resilience in navigating the job search process.

Sunny Sky

Spirituality & Faith Sessions

To develop and sustain a spiritual focus in our lives, while living in our materialistic Western society, this is the challenge. To balance the extremes of functioning in society, rationally, while pursing enlightenment and spiritual practice in devotion to the creator, however we choose to define it. In the words of a modern day spiritual teacher from India, Sri Kaleshwar, we can have it all:


"All human activity is a search for a balance between survival and happiness. This is the same as saying that all human activity is a search for a balance between the logical mind and the soul. To live in balance, to both survive and be happy, you must have both logic and soul. The problems is that it seems you can have only one but  not both. The world tells us to reject the soul. Spirituality tells us to reject the mind.  We condemn the world for ignoring the soul, but conventional spirituality is equally guilty when it tells us to ignore the logical world. When you do this you are cut off from your world of daily life. The dirty secret of conventional spirituality is that if an ”enlightened” person wants to live in the ordinary world they must first undertake a completely new journey to merge with the logical mind they left behind in their search for the soul. They need to find some way for the logical mind to co-exist with the intuitive soul that now runs their lives. Until they achieve this integration they are paralyzed and isolated from the totality of what makes them human. Such a handicap is why the spiritual path has been confined to renunciants who do not have to integrate with the world. It is why the saints have not changed the world". His message is that once you go within and find God, bring it back into the world with you, infuse God like awareness into your daily life". 

Spiritual Balance While Being Present NOW 
Regarding guru's, saints and sages,  being able to detach from life allows them to draw deep spiritual insights which are helpful and necessary for our spiritual growth. However, most of us don't have luxury of withdrawing from life to do so. And, as Rajneesh points out, it is healthier to stay connected to this world:

"To me, "this" plus "that" is God. That's why I say very contradictory things. I would like to give you two things: roots into this earth, into all that is earthly, and wings into that heaven, into all that is abstract for you now, into all that you cannot even comprehend, that cannot be conceptualized. Roots into the finite, wings into the infinite... And you need not renounce "this." If you renounce "this," you are renouncing your roots. That has happened; that is why your monks, your sadhus, look so dead. They have renounced "this;" they are uprooted beings. Uproot a tree and you are exposing the part that was hidden in the earth. Soon the flowers will die, the branches will die, the leaves will start falling".

Rajneesh,- as posted in Galactic Free Press Newsletter

Again, it's all about balancing the worlds, being "this and that", concurrently with a spiritual awareness.


Why Upgrade?

 Because it WILL help you be more productive

Revisiting complex topics

When your session is covering a topic that is quite complex and difficult to understand, you would want to give your full attention to what is being conveyed instead of frantically trying to write everything down that is said. An audio recording gives you the opportunity to listen to the session, or parts of it, as often as you want. Revisiting challenging parts with the help a recording can improve understanding and help with memorizing information.

Covering what you didn't absorb and sharing your session

Face it, we all have "off-days" You’re sick and barely mentally present for your 9am session. Well, by having a recording from us you review the session when you are at 100% and with fresh ears gain a greater perspective. 

Or perhaps you and your significant other, business partner, or a team member have a reservation but all parties cant be present. Upgrading will give you the ability to share a digital copy of the session quickly and easily.  

Helping you keep up

Not everyone is blessed with fast penmanship and many of us have slow handwriting. Speaking is also at least three times faster than typing, so even those of us that type notes for our sessions still struggle to keep up. Often, by the time you’ve finished writing or typing one point; another three have been made and your session is moving ahead. Recording the session will guarantee you don’t miss anything and allow you to listen more intently.

Limitations of using your own phone.

If you are trying to use your smartphone to record, you have to worry about limited battery life and storage in our longer sessions. A good recording takes up a lot of space. You might run of space if you have multiple pics or videos on your phone.

Our sessions are recorded and stored in the cloud for you to access allowing you to save your smartphone battery and the hassle of trying to find storage space on your phone.

Reviewing content

It’s the night before an important decision needs to be made and you are re-thinking the topics discussed in the session. Suddenly, you realize you don’t have a full understanding of a particular aspect. It’s too late to book another session or shoot of an email for additional clarity or help. If you kept a recording of the session, you can easily refer to the session when that aspect was discussed.

Now you are armed with the info you need to move forward with the confidence to make the right decision.

No Interrupted recording

Suppose you are in ddle of a session, attentively listening with your smartphone recording the whole session. But at the end of the session, you realize that your kids called you to check in, and your recording app stopped recording once the call came and didn’t record anything after that. Or imagine you have all of your family at home and the environment is lively with the sounds of children at play. You have no way of drowning out the sound. Upgrading your reservation gives you a recorded session without interruptions from calls, texts, or notifications. This also gives you the ability to mute your phone to drown out the noise and distractions while we continue to record in a quiet environment.

Image by Tianyi Ma

After upgrading your session, POWER it up by logging it into a journal or diary! 

Find out how to upload your sessions into a FREE online Journal/Diary using a Google calendar. It's simple, private, and secure.