Gain Clarity & Get  Control 

Image by Guille Álvarez

This is your year to take control and map out what you want and how you want to go about getting focuses to go and get it!

Change is here. Understand that 2020 WILL be different for you.  2020 can be better than your 2019 or worse than your 2019 but it will be different. I assure you it will be the same. Make this year 365 days of goals, successes, and triumphs!  Let's Map it out and make it happen!!! 

The I-Ching is the perfect companion resource to your 2020 goals and objectives.


Although historically the symbols of the I Ching are known to have been used for divination, the texts do not lend themselves to fortune-telling but do strongly encourage personal responsibility and integrity — hallmark goals of psychotherapy. The extent to which the language of the I Ching speaks of “good fortune” is linked to responsible choice.  For example, a consultation might stress the importance of maintaining “inner independence,” emphasizing the “good fortune”  that will ensue from making efforts not to yield to the temptation of taking unwise action with the aim of attaining a quick resolution to an uncomfortable circumstance.

What you will receive: 

*We will sit down, map out your goals and come up with practical solitons plans to achieve them. 

* Recording of each session sent to you. 

* Notes will be taken and kept by us so wen can reference each session. This is done to track your progress as you move through 2020. 

* Intention support aids and exercises will be given to you. 

Sessions generally last 1.5 hours 

This session can be facilitated in person or over the phone.

We recommend that after your initial session you book check-in reservations with us between 30 and 60 mins each once per month. 

Yes, I want to own 2020 BOOK ME NOW!